Cardio Kickboxing with Tiger Moe Cardio Kickboxing with Tiger Moe

I couldn't be happier with Master Hills Martial Arts. Master Hill and Tiger Moe are two amazing people.  They really know how to work with their students so they get the most out their classes.  They are very patient with children and also provide a fun environment for them to learn and socialize with other children. My son attends the red dragons classes (Mon, Wed, and Sat) and they are very reasonably spaced out throughout the week so that he fully grasp what he is learning in his classes. So far he has taken four classes and I noticed he has really been focused on doing better in karate and he is interested in continuing.  He really enjoys the interaction between the instructors and being able to have fun learning karate. Also offered is cardio kickboxing, which is done while my son attends his class so we both are getting our workout on!  And they have workout machines if you would like to workout while your child is in his or her class. There are also classes for older children and adults.  I am thinking about a self defense class for myself. Overall excellent place, with excellent instructors.   You will not be disappointed! -Nicole M., Newport News, VA

We were looking for a martial arts center that would continue to encourage Alexander to be his best. We loved the fact that Red Dragon is family oriented and teaches kids to do well in school by paying attention and following directions. Being here has allowed Alex to keep active and work on being limber so he begins with good habits to stay healthy. We are very happy and have been here at Red Dragon for two years and will continue to stay here until we are stationed elsewhere.

-Tran Family, Chesapeake, VA

We were introduced to Red Dragon Martial Arts through an in-school program being conducted by Grand Master Hill and Tiger Moe for students at Western Branch Academy in 2015 and were immediately impressed with how well they engaged the students.


Knowing their credentials and seeing how Trenton enjoyed his sessions at school, we enrolled him full-time with Red Dragon Martial Arts. Through the training and direction of the Red Dragon team, it's been a pleasure to see how Trenton has progressed during the past 2 years with his martial arts as well with his "Focus and Concentration" at the dojo and even more importantly at school.


We thank Grandmaster Hill, Tiger Moe, Master Barley, Mr. Smith and the rest of the team for their continued dedication instructing and guiding Trenton and each of the students here at Red Dragon Martial Arts allowing them to progress and become teh BEST they can be. The entire team genuinely enjoys what they do and it shows as they teach our children.

-O'Quinn Family, Chesapeake, VA

Tiger Moe, Master Barley & Grand Master Hill during their Grand Opening. Tiger Moe, Master Barley & Grand Master Hill during their Grand Opening.

Red Dragon has been a wonderful experience for both me and my daughter. The convenient location and hours made it a great choice for both of our schedules. The Pink Dragons (all girl's class) was just what my daughter needed to get started. The pink uniform may have been a small factor in her decision. She started when she was 5 years old and she was very shy and lacking confidence. All of the instructors have been very patient, yet still disciplined enough to ensure focus. She is progressing very well and coming out of her shell, and she looks forward to going to each class with the girls. She is warming up to the idea of the co-ed class, and goes about two times per month.


I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to enhance their child's life for the better or just experience something new.


- Richard White, Chesapeake, VA

"We were looking for an extracurricular activity for our 4 year old son, after a whole season of soccer he refused to participate in. My husband and I decided to find a martial arts academy to enroll him in fast, as my son was using my husband as a punching and kicking bag (for play, of course!). My husband found the dojo by walking through the mall and inquired about the school. Grand Master Hill gave us great information and told us to come by and try it out and we’ve been there ever since. Initially, this was meant for my son, but my daughter has taken to it and loves it, as well.


We love this school because we feel like we’re part of a bigger family. Everyone is so welcoming and all the kids get along and cheer each other on. Grand Master Hill, Tiger Moe, Master Barley and staff are so encouraging to our children, by promoting positive attitudes and building up their confidences. They make class fun for them and who wouldn’t want that? I personally like it because I get to work out while the kids are training. It’s a win-win!"

- Charlette F., Chesapeake, VA

After moving to Virginia, We wanted to get our kids involved back in the martial arts.  After multiple months of searching for what I felt was the best fit for my kids, We drove past a sign in Portsmouth, Virginia displaying Master Hills Red Dragon Martial Arts School. I decided to go in and observe the school. “Tiger Moe” greeted me and provided me with some background on Master Hill and their school.  She introduced me to Master Hill; we had a productive conversation as to what I wanted to see accomplished in the growth of my kids’ martial arts career. 


I informed Master Hill that I was also an Instructor and would like to assist him as time permitted with his vision. A lot has changed in the roughly three years we have been part of the “Red Dragon Family”. Both of our sons have achieved their 1st Degree Black Belts. Our daughter has also earned her green belt. 


From our observation, we can assure you that Master Hill and Tiger Moe always strive to provide each of their students with excellent realistic training and leadership. 

- Lorenzo S., Chesapeake, VA

Sparring during the Red Dragons Class All girls sparring during the Red Dragons Class
Women's Self Defense Class Group with instructor, Master Barley Women's Self Defense Class Group with instructor, Master Barley

Our six-year-old son had been asking us to enroll him in martial arts for a few months before we joined Master Hill's Red Dragon Martial Arts. We observed a class and were very impressed with the instructors and their patience and dedication with the children. At first, we were worried that our son's interests might be a phase that he would grow out of, but we couldn't have been more wrong. He is now going on six months at Red Dragon and his passion and love for the martial arts has only grown. That is in no small part due to the mazing instructors, who are 100% devoted to what they do. Grand Master Hill is not only an expert martial artist, he is also a wonderful instructor. You can tell he really cares about his students and works to bring out the best in every one of them. He definitely has with our son. At first, our son was shy and uncertain of his abilities and now he is confident and gaining new skills every day!

-Mr. and Mrs. Soeng



This is a great school. Our son is 4 so he is in the Happy Dragons class that is on Mondays and Wednesdays. Master Hill is very patient and an excellent teacher for the children. He also takes the time to explain to the parents what they are doing and what they are trying to accomplish. They also offer many adult martial arts calsses as well as fitness classes and a gym to work out in. They always have plans for different family events and activities for kids of all ages. A very friendly environment for all ages. We could not recommend them highly enough.

-Charles G., Chesapeake, VA



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