We are happy to announce that Master Hill's Red Dragon Martial Arts has been selected for the 4th year in a row to receive The Small Business Excellence Award for 2018 in the Martial Arts Category. We would like to thank all of our families for letting us do what we love to do! Click here for more info.

Welcome to Master Hill's Red Dragon Family Martial Arts! There is nothing more important than family at Red Dragon Martial Arts. We pride ourselves on providing educational, safe, fun martial arts and physical fitness for the entire family.


Education through martial arts recreation. Education through martial arts recreation.

Discipline, Courage, Honor and Respect.

These are the core values we teach at Master Hill's Red Dragon Martial Arts. Unfortunately, today's sporting activities for our children and youth mainly focus on winning the game. At Red Dragon Martial Arts, we focus on making them winners for life!


Martial arts, karate, Tae kwon do, kung fu, etc. should be a passion. There are no overnight guaranteed black belt programs. Students advance when they are mentally and physically prepared. New and transitioning students and martial arts practitioners looking for a martial arts school are welcome at Red Dragon Martial Arts. Transitioning students from other schools who have obtained various belt levels or rank can keep their current belt level.


We service Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Newport News, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Hampton.


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Red Dragon's Students of the Month

JONIA Johnson & EVELYN Shatto

Congratulations for earning Students of the Month. Hard work and dedication pays off!


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Red Dragon's Family of the Month

The GRADDY Family

            We were looking for an activity for Shannon after we moved to the Portsmouth area in 2016.  She was 2 and had so much energy and we just wanted something that could be her own.  We would walk by Red Dragon when we would come to the mall and kept saying that maybe we should let her give it a try.  She wouldn’t really look at it at first and didn’t show much interest, but she was still so little and all over the place.  After a while she would look into the dojo and point and started to show an interest and we decided that we would give it a try, but when “we had more time”.  One weekend we just finally decided to walk in to obtain information about signing her up to participate.  We were excited after talking to Tiger Moe because Shannon was going to be the 1st of our children to be able to participate in a real activity.


            She was all smiles in her 1st ever Happy Dragons class wearing her white belt with her name.  Each time she would get a quick break from class she would excitedly come and ask us if we were watching her.  She was the youngest, and as usual for her, the smallest in the class but she absolutely had the biggest personality.  After her 1stmonth she started individual lessons with Tiger Moe each weekend and over time we saw that she was growing not only in her skill but her ability to listen at home as well, which is something as parents we are hugely grateful for.  During my deployment to Cuba Shannon took my departure the hardest, and any time that she needed some fatherly help and guidance Grand Master Hill was more than happy to step in and help her out and got her back on track and Tiger Moe has always been there to help Shannon focus and grow as well.  All the other Black Belts always laugh and smile anytime they deal with Shannon and her larger than life personality.  Over the last two and a half years Red Dragon has grown for us from an activity not only for Shannon and myself, but they have also become like family to us.  We could not be more grateful for our decision to join the Red Dragon family.



4200 Portsmouth Blvd., Suite 582A | Chesapeake, VA 23321 | Inside Chesapeake Square Mall

Phone: 757.663.8441 | Yo hablo espanol. - Monique Hill, 3rd Degree Black Belt


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We service Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Newport News, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Hampton.

Call today to find out about the programs we offer!

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